Engineering and Construction Management Research Group - INGECO

The Engineering and Construction Management Research Group – INGECO promotes the development of the country by supporting the construction sector, generating and disseminating new knowledge. The Research Group research areas are framed as: system for the integration of construction projects; sustainability of built environment; production systems and quality in construction, and innovation and technology in project management.

Nature of the construction activity seen as an engineering project, with the characteristics of purpose, uniqueness, temporality, risks, affectation by the environment and multidisciplinarity, requires that its management be carried out from the engineering projects management by integrating different areas.

Research areas proposed by the group favor the strengthening of scientific, technological, innovative, competitive entrepreneurial and researchers training in Colombia in the field of Construction Project Management. Additionally, it promotes tools to update and generate relevant knowledge for our society and other projects originate from them which are related as well. The current areas are linked to environment build from the perspective of its agents, processes and products.

IN2GECO is classified as Research Group C in the research group system evaluation of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias).

Director: Dr. José Luis Ponz Tienda

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