Master's in Civil Engineering

Title:   Master’s in Civil Engineering
Level:   Master’s
Program Length:   Four semesters
Number of credits:   40
City:   Bogota
Daytime track:   Day track
Modality:   on-site
SNIES Register:   1578
Qualification:   Resolution 2758 of April 6th, 2011, seven (7) years term.
National accreditation:    2015 - CNA (National Council of Accreditation) eight (8) years term

Master’s in civil engineering is a program of academic excellence aimed at environmental, civil, chemical engineers and professionals from other branches of engineering and related careers as architecture, interested in delving into technical, research or teaching. The program offers the modality Research or intensification with (this last one only available in the emphasis on Engineering and Construction Management and Structures, Seismic and Materials).

The Master’s program of the Department grants the academic title: Master of Civil Engineering, regardless of the emphasis of specialization and the chosen modality (Resolution 2758 of April 6th, 2011 from the Ministry of Nacional Education).



The program seeks to train high-level professionals and researchers, who can work as leaders in teaching, research or professional activity in the public or private sector, in specific civil engineering areas.

  • To promote training of highly trained professionals in different areas, focusing on social responsibility and interaction in their profession.
  • To promote applied research through efforts between University of Los Andes and public and private entities.
  • To participate in the training of high-level university professors.
  • Allow their students training in applications in specific areas such as design, projects control and evaluation, and computing in the framework of civil engineering.

The program, oriented to the study of new techniques and methodologies, relies on research through the development of projects and basic studies. These are applied in the student’s field subjects and professional interest, and are framed according to the Department guidelines of the research areas.



The program is designed to be completed over a two-year period (four semesters) with a part-time availability. It is recommended register a minimum number of eight academic credits (equivalent to two subjects) for each semester. Subjects are on-site, they are taught from Monday to Friday, mostly in the afternoon. Some courses may be offered in the morning according to the academic planning for each semester. The final information will be available two weeks before the scheduled date to design the schedules.