Resources and Infrastructure

The University of Los Andes has a complete infrastructure to host quality and community activities with ease. The campus has more than 166,653 square meters that meet technical requirements of high quality and high technology necessary to provide an environment that facilitates the academic and research activities and the general welfare of the entire community. [More information]

The Department offers all the necessary resources for research and teaching at the highest level. In the Mario Laserna Building is the Integrated Laboratory of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This laboratory is the most complete and modern in Colombia with a unique infrastructure in Latin America, provided with state-of-the-art equipment, operated by a trained human team focused on providing excellent services to professors, researchers and students in their practices as well as research thesis. There are specifically eight laboratories in Civil Engineering and seven in Environmental Engineering with an investment in equipment of approximately 6 million dollars.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also has computing and software resources specialized in the areas of construction, structures, geotechnics, pavements, water resources and transport.