For the Department it is essential to maintain close contact with its graduate alumni. The cooperation is basic, not only for the feedback that allows a permanent improvement, but also for the possibilities to conduct educational, research and labor activities with the external sector. Additionally, the University has the Career Path Center, a tool to instill a strong link with graduates and their companies. 

CPC / ‘CTP’ – Career Path Center

The CPC/’CTP’ supports students and graduates to build their academic and employment objectives, works to consolidate links with companies and organizations than can complement the training and experience of both students and graduates. Labor supply received in the Department can be consulted by the undergraduate, specialization and master’s graduates. To know and apply to these offers it is necessary that the graduate be enrolled and have updated his personal information in the CPC/ ‘CTP’ system. 

University of Los Andes Association of Graduates - Uniandinos, Civil and Environmental Engineering Chapter

University of Los Andes Association of Graduates, ‘Uniandinos’, is constituted by undergraduate and postgraduate affiliates graduates, the student representatives and the students of fifth semester hereinafter of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.