Academic Development Plan

The Department’s Development Plan (DDP) for 2011-2015 is a guidance document for academic, research and professorial development of the Department. This document contains the general objectives, priorities and goals for a 5-year term. The DDP also addresses important issues such as commitment to comprehensive learning and human qualities for the students, well-being conditions for professors, the Department’s participation in scientific research as well as in activities with the external sector and lastly its impact on the quality of Engineering in Colombia. The DDP has been built through a participatory process within the Department.

In addition, the Department follows the guidelines of both the University and the Faculty. For this reason, the DDP was made in accordance with the Comprehensive Development Program (CDP) and the Engineering Faculty Development Plan (FDP). Currently, the new DDP is being developed in accordance with the new CDP of Los Andes University and is due to be published soon.