Since its creation in 1950, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has sought to lead a transformative process of Engineering in Colombia through its areas of specialization, while becoming an academic reference in national and international fields thanks to its impact on society, academy and industry. The Department is committed to reach academic and investigative excellence, focusing the technical and human qualities of its students, teachers and collaborators in contributing with leadership and responsibility to close the social gap and solve infrastructure, basic sanitation and environmental deterioration deficiencies and problems in the country.

During these next years of post-conflict ahead of us, we are called to act as a collegiate body to contribute with creative, innovative, pertinent, sustainable, cost-effective solutions to the country’s problems and deficiencies in infrastructure and contamination of regions, rural lands and cities, in pro of sustainable development, public health, and people’s well-being. As the teachers and students of the best University of the country, and with help of our community, we are obliged to help in the change of the status quo that will allow us to provide potable water, energy, food, basic sanitation and basic infrastructure to all of the population, and simultanelously accomplish a sustainable use of natural and mineral resources; a conservation of biodiversity; and the control of environmental contamination, so we can reach true peace for Colombia, and have better health, equity and social justice. 


Luis Alejandro Camacho